Thursday, December 31, 2009


Thanks for trying my RingGuard app, tested on Motorola Droid and intended for any phone running Android 2.0 or later. I appreciate any comments.



  1. This sounds a great idea. Unfortunately the Market doesn't seem to offer it for my HTC Hero in the UK.

  2. It'll only show up on Android 2.0 phones, because I specified minSdkVersion=5 (because I've only tested it on Motorola Droid). Would you be willing to test it on your phone, if I email you a version built for your version of Android? What are you running, 1.6? Please email me at the contact address listed in the Market.

  3. Oops, if you don't have access to it in the Market, my email is

  4. Hey, nice app. But it does not cover my pain :) if i hear music and the droid/milestone is locked i can still change the volume. Which may happen by accident if its in my pocket.

    Could you implement a safe for media volume as well please? Would be great to have an option so i can decide this should apply only when phone is locked!

  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll consider it next time I get back to programming. Looks straightforward, except for putting up confirm dialog when phone is locked. Don't want to introduce a security hole, like the one when a call comes in while locked.

  6. Cook. I think you dont need a dialog. Its just a configuration option like "lock volume if phone is locked". Then it is clear that there will not be a dialog ;)

    Do you have a timeline for the next release? :)

  7. I second that, having the option to lock media/ring volume while having the phone locked would be perfect.

  8. I love the app except that the ring confirmation screen pops up every time i take a photo with the camera on my Incredible. Is there any work around for this? Right now i have to disable the ringuard every time I use my camera, and then re-enable it afterwards. Is anyone else having this problem?

  9. I've only heard of it on the Incredible. What exactly do you do to trigger the bug?

  10. Oops, on HTC Desire also. Same question applies.

  11. RingGuard version 1.08 has a fix for camera problems.

  12. Great program,

    Just works !!

    Only issue is that no other App seems to follow the "broadcast intent" mechanism.

    This is an issue for me, as I'm looking for a "Timed Profile" type program so I can turn the 'phone to "Silent" for a defined period and then have it turn back to "Normal" at the expiry of that period.

    Obviously (and by design)RingGuard prevents this......

    Maybe the developer of this App could *PLEASE* do this :) ??


  13. Further to above .............

    Downloaded a different "Timed Profile" program, this one by "PopSoft" Profile Auto-Changer.

    (The first one I tried, Great interface, Profile Timer Free by vazapps FC)

    Neither of these two play nicely with RingGuard :(

    Given RingGuard is showing as 10,000 - 50,000 downloads, I cannot believe that out of all those people I'm the *ONLY* one also wanting to time my profile changes !!

  14. Hi
    Great app, but one issue for me:
    I also use the "FoxyRing" app which adjusts the volume level dependand from time and place.
    But everytime it changes the phone level, RingGuard tries to avoid this.
    Could you perhaps add a setting which only blocks level changes from the hard buttons?

    Best regards Ralf

  15. Hi
    No answer? Is this blog dead?

  16. This program works Great ***** Perfect for me and my LG Esteem.. If you can consider doing the same for setting changes. When my phone is in my pocket the setting goes through changes. I have tried many password apps and setting guards but they run in the foreground and ringguard runs in the background. Hit settings and without confirmation in 5 sec / no changes made / never goes into settings. Many friends with same problem....